Understanding Literacies

When it comes to understanding literacies, there are many aspects to writing and interpretation along with discourse communities and what swale’s has to say. I am still a little confused about the whole concept and fully understanding literacies and discourse communities. If there were one thing swale’s says that pertains to understanding literacies in todays generation its that discourse communities are heavily influenced by a persons specific level and acuteness of literacy.


21st Century Literacy

As the 21st century continues, there are many different aspects of advances and changes in literacy since the 20th century. There are many negatives such as: too much reliance on technology, social networking adaptations, adapted literacy with texting, technology etc. Along with this tho, there are many positives such as: sharing ideas or emotions more quickly or freely, having greater ethical responsibilities and tolerance for those with disabilities or literacy challenges, communication which people typically out of reach. Overall I would say that the biggest difference in literacy between the 20th and 21st century is technology. I believe that as our society evolves and advances, our level of literacy will have to adapt and represent the particular areas where literacy is important to these societal developments.