Lexis, genres, and technologies affect Discourse Communities

Discourse communities are often overlooked and unrecognized by people and students. A discourse community is basically a group that allows individuals to act uniquely to their own personal style and ideals within a group of academic standards. I high school, most students aren’t able to act personally through their writing. Instead, students have a very narrowed and specific confine to their writing because of the general guidelines of high school curriculums. One big question is, do the extra circular discourse communities you are involved in, aid in the success of your writing discourse communities? Basically, has any nonacademic group you are in, helped to improve your writing capabilities or have influence over which writing community you are involved in? I have come to the consensus that yes, many times our outside activities and nonacademic practices involve our development of our writing discourse. Through jobs, sports, social media, how we spend our free time, we are constantly shaping ourselves into areas which influence our discourse community or communities.


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